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Actual samples of how "Fit to Print" clients are customizing their templates — "Design One" is shown here:
[client sample 1] [client sample 2]
"I struggled with creating a information packet design that I was happy with, then saw Robyn's templates. Robyn is a life-saver and genius when it comes to marketing material. They saved me so much time and frustration. I bought the design one Fit to Print and LOVED it. She created the template so anyone could customize to suit their business. Easy to use and very professional looking. Her suggestion of printing on Linen paper made them even more spectacular. If you are thinking about buying any of her designs do it. You will love them! I do. Thank you Robyn." -Kim, Unscripted Moments Photography

The photo below shows wonderful creativity with "Design Four":

[client sample 3]

"The postcards rock! I printed 3 sets of postcards, only 2 are shown, the extra big one is modified (6x8 extra-large) but it was your original template. The small cards are your template w/ the 9 squares, I just printed them wallet sized as part of a referral program. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas!" -Kristen, Garden Lane Photography

Now the capabilities of the "Design Five Bonus Pack":

[client sample 4]

photo credit to Christina, Reflections of Life Photography

THE REVIEWS ARE IN!  "...quite frankly, IT ROCKS! The templates are soooo user friendly and the .doc file is
great with ALL of the information needed to make a quality piece of material, just like yours, but with our own
"stamp". LOVE IT!
" -Camille

"Thank you Thank you Thank you! You took the headache out of laying out the files and made it quick and easy
for me to make them my own. I have since purchased the post card template and can't wait to use it!
" -Amanda,
Amanda Clouse Photography

"I just wanted to say that the doc file with the instructions is *fabulous*. Everything is totally laid out, step by step,
and it's so clear and easy to follow. It takes all the intimidation factor out of customizing this for my own use. Great
job, Robyn!
" - Cheryl

"For anyone considering these - they are FABULOUS! I'm not Photoshop savvy other than editing photos, and the
instructions with these are so clear and concise, plus the files are so well organized and laid out, that within minutes
I had the cover for my new brochure all laid out! I can't wait to work on the inside tomorrow - these templates make
" -Christine, FreshPhotography

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