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My Moo products have been featured by Moo.com at their Twitter account.

These custom-made templates are designed ready-to-print for Moo.com custom business cards. They can be used to decorate packages, place inside client correspondence, or on any promotional piece of your choosing. You will only need to add your logo and change any text and colors if desired. Business cards are printed on Moo Standard or Moo Green paper and are sold starting at 50 card packs for $21.99.

One of the best things about Moo is they do NOT limit you to a set number of designs per order. You can order as many designs as you wish equal to the amount included with the product purchased. If you order a pack of 100 business cards and want 100 different images on them, knock yourself out! There’s no extra charge for that!

[design ten sample]

PLEASE NOTE: Buyers are responsible for adding their own logo to complete customization. You will receive three .psd business card templates you can customize by color and add your logo and a README doc file with instructions on how to use and order (including font names). Colors can instantly be changed with the click of a button.

The photos above show my customized Moo promo cards. The image below shows the three templates you will receive with purchase to customize for your business.

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To order, first you must register here. Then click the "Find Gallery" link at top right. You will then enter the code "ten" as shown below. At the next screen, click the thumbnail-image and you will be taken straight to the ordering gallery for this product.

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