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Birth announcements, invitations, and holiday greeting cards sell better if the client can see both the product - and the QUALITY of the product. This will help each of your clients feel the difference between the type of custom, press printed professional products you offer vs. cheaper, consumer-grade products from chain stores and public online printing services.

Having paper samples in-hand while ordering also minimizes client confusion and makes certain their cards arrive exactly how they envisioned.

These templates were designed to maximize your client purchases while reducing your costs. You select the paper types you want to offer your clients and print your cardstock samples accordingly. Save money and paper at the same time!

I enclose paper sample kits with every client "welcome kit" I mail following a package booking.

[design eleven sample]

Most professional print labs will print 4x5.5" flat-postcards in qty. 25. By dividing the template into three parts, with a simple paper cutter you can triple that amount and offer your paper samples in "bookmark" form with sample text and images on the fronts, and paper type and your logo / URL on the backs. (All you will need to do is cut each card into three parts, flip over, and write down the particular paper-type.) The paper sample packs can be held together with binder-rings, brads, snaps, or "belly bands" - or even presented looseleaf inside of a decorative envelope. Get creative!

These custom-made templates are designed ready-to-print and have been tested at two different professional labs. You will only need to add your own images, logo, sample text and change any colors if desired.

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PLEASE NOTE: Buyers are responsible for adding their own logo to complete customization. You will receive two .psd 4x5.5" flat-postcard templates you can customize by color and add your logo and a README doc file with instructions on how to use and order (including font names and the print labs used). Colors can instantly be changed with the click of a button.

The photos show my customized paper samples. The image above shows the two templates you will receive with purchase to customize for your business.

To order, first you must register here. Then click the "Find Gallery" link at top right. You will then enter the code "eleven" as shown below. At the next screen, click the thumbnail-image and you will be taken straight to the ordering gallery for this product.

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